Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Beads n' Blogs

Here is a pretty bracelet made by Alison of Ali Bali Jewellery featuring some of my beads. Seeing your beads made into jewellery is always lovely - and seeing it featured on a Blog is even better. In fact the only thing that beats it really is seeing it on TWO blogs - this bracelet caught the eye of the the authors of fantastic blog Autonomous Artisans. This blog has so much eye candy that I'm now a follower. If you have time its worth checking out both of these Blogs as they are well looked after, and make for a really good read!


ali bali jewellery said...

thanks Emma!

Sabine said...

What a stunning bracelet - no wonder you're chuffed!!!

Gemheaven said...

Its beautiful :)

ali bali jewellery said...

Ooh, like the kind comments about my bracelet/your beads!!!

Thanks for the demo today, ejoyed it. I wonder how my mum would feel about me setting up a blow torch in her attic.....hmmmmmm

Love to you and your mum.

Ali x

Julie Haveland Beer said...

Wohoo, Emma and Ali - the beads and bracelet are gorgeous! Congrats to both of you for the exposure!