Monday, 25 May 2009

Art Clay & Enamell Weekend.

Lynne Glazzard demonstrates Art Clay Silver to the enammellers

Dorothy Cockrell talks the art clay group through the enamell process

Well, I am just about recovered from two days of Art Clay and Enamell. As the Scottish Rep for the Art Clay Guild I organised this event to allow metal clay users to try their hand at enamelling. Members of the Guild of Enamellers were also welcomed along and got to try out Art Clay Silver for the first time.

Dorothy Cockrell & Lynne Glazzard led the weekend, with each taking a group of students. The weekend was just great and I think everyone really enjoyed them selves. It was a great mix of people and there was plenty of time to swap tips and chat!

Tea Break!

There was a wonderful array of work on show by both Dorothy and Lynne - and by the end of the weekend we all also had work to share in our "show and tell" - I'll post more pics just as soon as I've edited them! The only down side is that now I have a shopping lost as long as my arm of things I "need" to buy!! Isnt it always the way!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Playing with Copper Clay

A while back I talked about Copper Clay. I've had some for a while now but hadnt had time to just have a play, but yesterday I did. After my first experiences with Bronze Clay - where I took hours on what I made only to find them split or cracked after firing- I decided to keep my first attempts with the Copper Clay simple.

The picture shows Copper CLay on the left and a Bronze Clay Piece the right. Although I've experienced the Bronze clay splitting (Its like it stretches during firing) I've never seen my pieces break like this has. All my pieces this time were fired using a different firing schedule - which has clearly not been successful for these pieces - I think my impatience possibly had something to do with it.....

These bronze disks above have also been fired - I've had them kicking about for too long!! These are how they looked after their first firing. Some of them have the most pretty patina! i have something in mind for these. I'll be trying it later today! Fingers crossed it works!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

My Work in Magazines

I've been so excited about this, and now that the magazine is out I can finally share my news with you! I've been featured in Bead. I cant quite believe it - a whole article about little me!! I am sooo chuffed! Its the second time I've worked with Bead magazine and I am so grateful for their support. I've also written their first ever Lampwork Tutorial - which outlines how to make my "blooming" Pansy Beads. I still havent managed to get my hands on a printed copy of the magazine and really cant wait to see it properly!

On top of all this excitement my copy of Making Jewellery popped through my letterbox today. I was thrilled to see my bead rings featured in the readers showcase section (now available to order). I'm in good company there other artists including my friends Lesley Messam of Silver with Lesley & Manda Muddimer of Mango Beads. Check out their work if you can - they are both super talented!

And just as I was about to put the magazine down I noticed something else. A little write up of my classes at the Flame Off by the editor of Making Jewellery - Joan Gordon. There is even a photo of three of my happy students!! Hope they see it!

And if you think thats all my exciting news for a while think again. I have something very very exciting being planned that I cant announce just yet........

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Enamelling Weekend

Necklace by Lynn Glazzard.

Bracelet by Dorothy Cockrell

Art Clay Guild Members should have receieved their newsletter by now.We still have a few places available on the Enammelling weekend here in Edinburgh on the 23rd & 24th of May.The hugley talented Dorothy Cockrell & Lynn Glazzard will be running the weekend - I'll be there playing with everyone else!

Its a great opportunity to either improve your enamelling skills or have a go if you have never tried it before. Because its a Guild Event it costs just £25 for the whole weekend - but you do need to be a Guild Memeber to come along! If you want to come along too call the shop on 0131 228 5058.

Friday, 8 May 2009 Art!

Anyone who knows me will know that I tend to flit from one task to the next - never fully finishing anything (my mum calls it "butterflying"). Tonight is no exception. I've been doing some online research into one of the Masters Registry projects - that of duplicating a Votive Figure from an earlier Culture. So here I am googling away, my thoughts traveling onto mythology and then onto folklore.

With the word "folklore" I thought of my super talented friend & Artist Kate Leiper. So off I went to look at her latest work and I've been on her web site ever since, totally distracted from what I originally set out to do. Instead I'm sitting dreaming up what work I'd commission Kate to do for me! Kate lives in Edinburgh like me and I just love every single piece of work she has ever done. I'm lucky enough to own a couple of originals. I just had to introduce her to you - and here are a few of my favorite pieces!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Competition Winners

There are so many worthwhile competitions out there - and recently the winners have been announced for the Rings & Things & Art Clay Club Japan competitions.

Here are the winners of the Metal Clay & the Gemstones & Pearls categories of the Rings & Things Competition.

Far East By Lisa Pavelka

Pardon My French - Linda Valentino Michel

More incredible work can be seen here - the gallery of the Art Clay Club Japan. The entries are stunning and here are just a couple of my own fav's
Diane Sepanski

Laila Bakker

And I wanted to share with you my prize for coming runner up in the Beads & Beyond Lampwork Competition - my necklace by Beverly Hinklin. Isnt it lovley!
Feeling like you want to enter a competition too?? There is still time to enter the British Bead Awards run by Bead Magazine. With TEN categories including lampwork, metal clay & seed beading there is bound to be something for everyone. Closing date is not until the 17th of July. No excuses :)