Wednesday, 25 February 2009

New Ring

Here is my newest piece of jewellery - a little ring which features the same technique as the Bronze Cuff. Making this cheered me up as recently I have been giving my lapwork the lions share of my time. I have about three weeks worth of beads that I cant even show as they are intended for a competition - this time the British Bead Awards for Bead Magazine. Competitions are fun to enter but start off a whole cycle of self criticism and then doubt in one's abilities - and you cant even show your work for feedback - so I'm giving my clay priority for a while. I'm getting used to feeling quite torn between the two and wish I could find a way to give both my lampwork & Metal Clay work equal do you juggle your time?

Monday, 23 February 2009

What a Weekend!!

The Little Bead Shop Girls :)

Well - what can I say but a HUGE thanks to everyone who showed up to my joint Birthday Party with The Little Bead Shop. We received many cards and drank many cocktails! It was a fun night and a chance to chat to many of Gil's customers who have become friends - a huge bonus for me seeing as I'm always tucked away making beads or jewellery! The photo above is a rare showing of my face :) - I'm on the left - and then there is Zoe, my mum Gil and then Helen. We were missing just one person - the fantastic Michelle who recently had to return to her home due to the awful fires in Australia. If you read this Michelle we are still thinking of you!!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Its My Birthday :)

Well- it happens once a year :) - my birthday! I wont tell you how old I am but will tell you that I am going to a joint birthday party with the shop (where my studio is based). The shop is 2 years old and we are having cocktails!! I'll be armed with my camera so perhaps later on you'll see some very funny pics :)

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Hadar Jacobson Noteboook Project

Luckily for us Hadar Jacobson is a very generous as well as talented artist. Here is her notbook pendant that was filmed for "Thats Clever" - Hadar has generously posted the video to You Tube - but you can view it here too. Enjoy!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Sherri Haab's European Teaching Tour

You may remember a while ago we held a great weekend course in Bronzclay & Etching with Sherri Haab and her husband Dan... well Sherri didnt only come to Scoltand - she went teaching all around Europe - all with a BROKEN FOOT!! Check out of the write up of the tour on her Blog.

If you came along to the course then maybe you are one of the lucky ones whose Bronze Clay Jewellery features on Sherri's Blog! How cool is that!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Copper Clay.......

Are you keeping up? Just as I've been getting used to working with the wonderful new BronzClay I've just heard that Copper Clay is now available. This is available in powder form and can be bought here directly from Hadar Jacobson. This is different from the version that will be available later in the year - but if you are like me you wont want to wait! Discussions on the Yahoo Metal Clay forum about the Copper Clay are exciting - I cant wait to get my order!!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Another Experimental Bronze Clay Cuff

Well, I've stayed off my torch this week due to my chest infection. Coughing into the flame is highly annoying when you are trying to be steady for precise dots! So I have focused my time on some metal clay work - specifically the Bronze Clay. My last cuff was something of a disaster - hidden cracks only showing them selves in the form of huge splits after firing. BUT never one to be deterred I tried a plain cuff - and had a play with a technique called Water Etching.

Its not perfect - but I think I like it! Its really nice way to get a unique design onto your work. Next time I experiment though I may do it with a smaller piece! This took me HOURS!!! I havent been able to find any other etched BronzClay work so I'd really love to know what you think!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Yet more Snow & Jewellery!

I've been quiet - I'm ill with a nasty chest infection and am hoping that I'll feel the benefits of my anti-biotics soon. Still - the weather out side gave me the perfect excuse to snugle up and stay warm with my son. This picture above shows what I saw as I looked out side my window this morning. I was speechless when I saw this white wonderland. It looks beautiful dosent it?

Still - I made the most of my quiet day and made these little starfish into a charm bracelet loaded with pearls and swarovski crystals. All the head pins I made myself by balling up thin sterling wire - as pearls can be tricky to use as they have such small holes! I made all the starfish from Art Clay Silver Its another piece of jewellery screaming for some sunshine! Hope you like it x

Monday, 2 February 2009

Something Old Something New

Like half of the UK I have been inside today trying to stay warm. While I was home I had a look through my bead stash and found a necklace I'd half finished last year. It features a beautiful organic focal bead by Sarah Hornick suspended from a textured antiqued fine silver disk by myself set off against Czech beads I found in the shop :) All I need now is a nice clasp and I can get it finished!

Speaking of clasps I made another C Clasp to go with these beautiful beads (one of the perks of having your studio in a bead shop :D). Its easier to make a C Clasp in Art Clay Silver than Bronze Clay as it does not spread during firing like the bronze can - so I think this works quite well. One for the summer I think!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

I won a Kreativ Award!!

It took me a while to see the post from Saffie's Blog to tell me that she has awarded me with a Kreativ Award!! I'm really chuffed, thanks Saffie! Now I have to nominate five Blogs that inspire me as well as link back to the Blog that awarded me. So - here goes......
1 - Touch of Glass Designs. This blog by Lisa Atchison is full of the most beautiful organinc beads!
2 - Such & Such. A blog by Lora Hart - inspiring metal clay work and regular eye candy.
3 - Ali Bali Jewellery - by the talented Alison. Regularly updated and gorgeous Blog!
4 - Silver With Lesley - Gorgeous Metal Clay Jewellery and innovative design!
5 - The Glass Slipper - last but by no means least the fantastic Blog By Sarah Hornick. Thought provoking and inspirational!