Monday, 30 March 2009

Hattie Sanderson Is Coming to Scotland!

I'm extremely proud to announce that the fantastic Metal Clay artist Hattie Sanderson is coming to Scotland!! She will be teaching two intermediate/advanced workshops for us on the 5th & 6th of December. One is will be The Reversible Box Focals Workshop (pictured top) and the other is a Spinner Ring workshop (pictured bottom).

I'm so excited - and my place is BOOKED! Hattie has never been to the UK before let alone taught here! Its the most awsome opportunity for all us UK Metal Clay fanatics to learn from one of the best in the world! Hattie's work is just incredible and her style is instantly recognisable! She is also one of only two people (at the time of writing) to have achieved Level II in the prestigeous Masters Registry! I cannot put into words how excited I am about this!!! If you use metal clay then chances are you have heard of Hattie, but just in case you havent here are some pictures of her work ...........

Places on these workshops are limited and we expect them to go fast once booking opens. If you are interested then take the chance to register your interest now - and we'll contact you once booking opens! See the main web site for full details by clicking here. And PLEASE - if you are excited like I am LEAVE A COMMENT :)

Saturday, 28 March 2009

New Beads!!

Hello everyone! I'm a very happy bunny today as I was featured on a Blog - it made me blush and made me smile! Big thanks to Alison aka Ali Bali Jewellery who was kind enough to feature me. You can read what she wrote here :D

I'm busy at the moment working the metal clay - but I'm still trying to find time for my two loves - and I must have done an okay job as I have a few new sets of beads for sale! Here are two of them. You can see all of my beads available for sale here.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Bead Rings

I have been busy this week, tucked away in my studio working on these fun bead rings. The Beads are my own, and I have made each ring from Metal Clay. I have to say I think the beads and the rings look great together. They DEMAND to be worn in the sunshine - cocktail in hand :) If you like the look of these and would quite like to own one then simply click to "follow me" as I'm planning to have some ready for sale very soon, and will as always announce it here!!!

I have a MASSIVE bit of exciting news that's keeping me awake at night - but I can't share it just yet......BUT what I can tell you about is the enameling weekend workshop that I have organised for Art Clay Guild Members. If you would like to try enameling but dont know where to start then this weekend would be ideal for you! It will be in May and will be run by talented artists Dorothy Cockrell & Lynne Glazzard! Its open to members only - so if you need to join to find out more then do it quick by clicking here!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I have a project in Bead Magazine!!

Helllooo!!! I was very very excited to get my hands on a copy of Bead Magazine today as I finally got to see my Metal Clay Project in print! Its a bracelet made up of five disks of fine silver interspersed with sparkly swarovski crystals. I'm chuffed as I think that the team at Bead have made it look just great! Also Helen (one of The Little Bead Shop staff) has piece at the back of the magazine on a Day in the Life of a Bead Shop!!! Made my day!!!!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Lynda Cheney & The Raden Technique

Well, here is the change in the Art Clay Silver class timetable - our Resin workshop has been postponed to make way for the super talented Lynda Cheney to come and teach the little known Raden Technique. Lynda is a Senior Art Clay Instructor with many years experience and is one of only a handful of Instructors in the UK to be taught this technique in Japan directly from the Japanese Masters. She also happens to be a multiple competition winner (if we are lucky she will bring up her pieces of jewellery) AND the Chairman of the Art Clay Uk Guild!!!

The Raden Technique is a beautiful technique of inlaying (most commonly) mother of pearl into your Metal Clay - giving it depth and sparkle. Its going to be held on Sunday of the 14th of June. Its most likely to be the ONLY time it will run ANYWHERE this year! I cant wait as this is one class I'll definitely be attending :) For more info please see the courses page here.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

My Beads - Available ONLINE!!

Finally - I have uploaded all my beads onto the main shop website. Yes - very brave of me :) Still if they dont sell it means I can keep stroking them!! I have uploaded 13 sets including some dotty beads and of course some "blooming" pansy sets. I'll aim to add a few sets each week, and if the kiln fairies are kind to me tomorrow then there could well be some new sets up very soon!!

I'm afraid you will have to wait just one day longer for the update in our Art Clay Silver Course timetable - but I promise its worth it :D

Scottish Bead Fair

Wow - where has the week gone! Its already Thursday, which we have now recovered from the fantastic and very busy Scottish Bead Fair. My Demos seemed to be popular with around 100 in total watching (my mum counted at each demo!). I was asked to bring a mike and speakers with me but didnt - I was worried I may break out into an aerobics routine - but seeing as I was already loosing my voice BEFORE I got there I mike would have been a great idea!! Next time - I shall be fully kitted out. I just LOVE the Bead Fair - its a great chance to catch up with other artists and have a natter :) Next one is in August!

I shall be back shortly with some very exciting news - it involves a change in our Art Clay Silver Class Timetable and a very special guest Instructor!!!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Beads for Bushfires

I just quickly wanted to spread the word about a fantastic thing that Maggie Bergman is ogranizing called "Beads for Bushfires". The Victorian Chapter of the PMC Guild is organizing a jewellery auction to be held in the coming months. Now to make the jewellery they need beads - so this is where we come in by donating a bead! The material its made in dosent matter as long as its a durable hand made bead. It will be made into jewellery by volunteers of the local pmc group in Victoria.

Its a welcome opportunity to do something to help - people have lost friends, families and homes. Lets help Maggie raise as much money as possible for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

See Maggies Site here.


Saturday, 7 March 2009

Scottish Bead Fair & New Work

Well, its only 9:30 but I'm off to bed soon for an early night as we are all up super early to head up to the Scottish Bead Fair in Perth. I'll be doing my two Metal Clay demos in the Foyer one at 12:30 & the other at 3:30 - and dont forget they are FREE :)

This time I am taking along some of my beads. Here they are in the photo above. There are fritty sets, dotty rounds and of course some pansy sets! In fact almost every set I've made of late is in that pile, I'm looking forward to showing the other side of what I do! With some luck I'll sell a few sets and if I do I'll be making my way right over to Martin from Tuffnells to get more glass!

I have spent much of my time this week working on this pendant above. Its hollow and has a back - and is just over an inch and a half long. The design has been water etched, and then as a kind of experiment I gave the etched area a sort of cross hatched texture. Next one I make I'll leave smooth - and I may have further plans for this one, once I make my mind up!

If you like the idea of Water Etching and can get to Edinburgh then check out the new classes here.