Sunday, 26 July 2009

Refelections on the MCWC Chicago

Well, I'm not sure how to even sum up the Metal Clay World Conference - It was amazing! Myself, Lesley Messam & Lynda Cheney all met up at Heathrow on the Saturday to fly out to Chicago. We arrived at 8pm or so even though we left at about 6pm, the time difference acting in our favour. So on Sunday we had the chance to do some sight seeing.....

Monday saw us start our two day Pre-Conference Class Caged Glass Beads with the lovely Cindy Pankopf. Amusingly though we all decided to go to the conference independently of each other FIVE of us British girls chose this class! I was interested in it naturally as a lampworker and metal clay artist, and I wasn't disappointed. I did how ever find it tricky .... and couldn't get them finished how I'd of liked in the time (I'm not very speedy!) Anyway - here are my two beads followed by a class photo.

On Wednesday several of us had a free day as we hadnt booked into another Pre-Conference Class, so we went off to Chicago to do more sightseeing. We were joined by Cindy Pankopf and Michelle Loon, and we all had a blast up the Sears Tower! Here is me on the Sky Deck...

The VIP event was that evening so we headed back to the Hotel to get ready (this is where I last posted). When we arrived the wine was flowing and people were mingling. I was delighted to finally meet Hattie Sanderson and talk a little about her upcoming trip to Edinburgh. I was also introduced to some other renowned artists who were interested in coming to Edinburgh.... how exciting! This was also the evening of the Charm Swap. I was a little nervous, would anyone want to swap with me? But I shouldn't have worried, there were plenty of charms to go around, and I made mine up into a lovely bracelet the next day.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were jam packed with Seminars, breakfasts, lunches and shopping breaks. There were raffles, prizes, speeches and competitions (including the mystery brown bag competition which thankfully I didnt get to enter). I attended Hattie's seminar on ring construction techniques found it inspiring (with an added bonus of seeing my very own bead rings used in her slide show!), and I also enjoyed Holly Gage's Seminar really interesting too! And I'd never miss an opportunity to attended one of Gordon Uyehara's classes or seminars - his was informative and amusing! All of the seminars were great but these really stood out for me.

Jackie Truty, Katie Baum and the rest of the team did such a great job organizing this conference! Congratulations! I think everyone had a great time, and made new friends. Thats what makes it so special, the people! I cannot wait to meet them all again next time at the MCWC in 2011.

If we are really lucky you can all meet some of them even sooner, when they come to bonny Scotland!! :)


Joy Funnell said...

Wow it all sounds fab. I was just talking to hubby earlier tonight and we really think we are gonna try to do 2011 there. Everyone seems to have had an excellent time. Your blog just makes me wish even more I had gone! :)

Joy x

Saffie said...

Oh wow sounds like you had an excellent time and your pictures are fab!

The Little Bead Shop Studio Blog said...

Joy!! Your beautiful mask that we used for the advert is on the front cover of the USA quarterly! Check with Katie if she is sending you a copy! You simply must come in 2011, you and Lynn!

It was great Sam. I met the nicest people! I just love America :)

Lynne Glazzard said...

I would love to have been there (except the Sears Tower bit of course) and think it all sounds amazing!