Friday, 3 July 2009

Beads & Beyond - August Issue

As I was looking on the Beads & Beyond web site for an image of their July Issue to update my blog with (I have a BronzClay Tutorial in there) I came across this lovely and vibrant cover for their August Issue. And if you look closely that picture on the top right is of my beads. A little while back my retro lentil beads as I now call them came second in my category of their fantastic lampwork competition. Here they are -

In this latest issue you'll find my tutorial on how I make these beads - hope they appeal to somebody to have a go at. :D


ChatElaine said...

Gosh thats ready early, cant wait to see your tutorial. I need so much practice with dots. Hee hee!!

The Little Bead Shop Studio Blog said...

:) I know its so early! Its not hit our shop yet so maybe its just a tease having the cover up!

If you try the tut be sure to send me pics :)

Emma x