Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Scribbler

This post comes with a warning - read at your own risk - for the subject matter is highly addictive!!

Yes The Scribbler. Its the most amazing little thing I've come across in a while thanks to one of the many blogs I follow (sorry - I cant remember which!) Its hard to explain but you just do a doodle or drawing and the program does the rest - and its very cool! You need to try it out - you'll find it here.

Here is a scribbler doodle I did this morning.

Drawing with a mouse is hard (for me anyway) so I'm looking for a decent tablet for my mac. I'm looking forward to the day I make a discovery that wont lead to me NEEDING to buy new things :D Now - go and have a go, but you have been warned !!!!


Fired Silver said...

Hhhhmmmm, I'm thinking tear away! Becci xx

The Little Bead Shop Studio Blog said...

yup. Me too lol

G Leigh said...

Thanks for the cool site link to play with!! I mentioned you in a post just now referencing doodles and posted some patterns inspired by some of the doodles I did. (The images won't "convert," but they are easy to just re-doodle.)
Hugs and kudos - G.

G Leigh said...

OOps! forgot to mention - Wacom makes a small tablet: Graphire. I don't know if it is MAC compatible, but I think it is.

I got mine at Best buy for right at a 100.00 us dollars, 3 years ago. They are probably cheaper now.

It will be the best money spent for your computer, with the exception of a back up hard drive. My hand and arm no longer go numb, like with the mouse.

It also came with corel draw as part of the package (cool toys!)