Saturday, 7 March 2009

Scottish Bead Fair & New Work

Well, its only 9:30 but I'm off to bed soon for an early night as we are all up super early to head up to the Scottish Bead Fair in Perth. I'll be doing my two Metal Clay demos in the Foyer one at 12:30 & the other at 3:30 - and dont forget they are FREE :)

This time I am taking along some of my beads. Here they are in the photo above. There are fritty sets, dotty rounds and of course some pansy sets! In fact almost every set I've made of late is in that pile, I'm looking forward to showing the other side of what I do! With some luck I'll sell a few sets and if I do I'll be making my way right over to Martin from Tuffnells to get more glass!

I have spent much of my time this week working on this pendant above. Its hollow and has a back - and is just over an inch and a half long. The design has been water etched, and then as a kind of experiment I gave the etched area a sort of cross hatched texture. Next one I make I'll leave smooth - and I may have further plans for this one, once I make my mind up!

If you like the idea of Water Etching and can get to Edinburgh then check out the new classes here.


ali bali jewellery said...

Hope the fair went well, your beads look fab!

Lynne Glazzard said...

Looks like it might be waiting for a layer of enamel there..... and the texture underneath the enamel would be great too

The Little Bead Shop Studio Blog said...

Did you go tot he fair Ali? It was busy :)

I have just refired this Lynne ready for some enamel lol! Hope it looks ok once I have had a go!x