Wednesday, 25 February 2009

New Ring

Here is my newest piece of jewellery - a little ring which features the same technique as the Bronze Cuff. Making this cheered me up as recently I have been giving my lapwork the lions share of my time. I have about three weeks worth of beads that I cant even show as they are intended for a competition - this time the British Bead Awards for Bead Magazine. Competitions are fun to enter but start off a whole cycle of self criticism and then doubt in one's abilities - and you cant even show your work for feedback - so I'm giving my clay priority for a while. I'm getting used to feeling quite torn between the two and wish I could find a way to give both my lampwork & Metal Clay work equal do you juggle your time?


Fired Silver said...

Lovely Emma! If you find out how to organise your time better, please let me know!! Becci x

ali bali jewellery said...

Cute Emma! You may want to fix a small typo... lampwork, not lapwork!! ha ha.

Will pop into the shop tomorrow, you around? Ali x

Dave Robertson said...

Good luck in the competition, Emma! And next year you might think about Rings & Things' competition...though this years' is just closing down :)

at Rings & Things

The Little Bead Shop Studio Blog said...

Oh - I saw that too Dave!! Darn it - I should have entered! Pha!

Ali - I'm loving my lapwork - good for the heart :) And Becci - I was hoping you would have some tips for me lol x

ali bali jewellery said...

Glad lapwork is doing you good!

Sorted out my blog feed, I think you'll need to subscribe again to get it to work!

Dave Robertson said...

Hi Emma, turns out we've extended our competition deadline till midnight today. (Monday March 2) If you feel like rushing, you could still enter :)