Friday, 8 May 2009 Art!

Anyone who knows me will know that I tend to flit from one task to the next - never fully finishing anything (my mum calls it "butterflying"). Tonight is no exception. I've been doing some online research into one of the Masters Registry projects - that of duplicating a Votive Figure from an earlier Culture. So here I am googling away, my thoughts traveling onto mythology and then onto folklore.

With the word "folklore" I thought of my super talented friend & Artist Kate Leiper. So off I went to look at her latest work and I've been on her web site ever since, totally distracted from what I originally set out to do. Instead I'm sitting dreaming up what work I'd commission Kate to do for me! Kate lives in Edinburgh like me and I just love every single piece of work she has ever done. I'm lucky enough to own a couple of originals. I just had to introduce her to you - and here are a few of my favorite pieces!


Sabine Little said...

Fab art, Emma :o) I've tagged you on my blogsie :o)

ChatElaine said...

Wow her work is amazing, that swan painting is gorgeous!