Monday, 1 December 2008

I'm Home!!!!

Well, I'm back after a great weekend on The Red Hot Minx Course! I had quite clear goals and I achieved one of them - which was to make a hollow bead. Suprisingly I got it first time! Maybe I shouldnt have given up so fast when I tried it months ago! I was thrilled - my second hollow is pictured above.

Our second day was spent playing with pmc. I made some cores onto which I will build a clear hollow bead- the hope is that this will allow you to be able to see the little sea shells I have set onto the core! Sally and Leigh are great teachers and Diana Easts Studio is just perfect. We drank endless cups of tea, ate too much food and had too much fun!! And the biggest bonus of all is that I made new friends!


ChatElaine said...

Lovely hollow bead, wheres the pmc work you did then, would like to see them too??

The Little Bead Shop Studio Blog said...

my pmc pieces are currently looking very nasty after I have tried several times (unsuccessfully) to build hollows on them. Pic coming of a pretty disaster soon lol x