Monday, 10 November 2008

New Book - Silver and Bronze Clay

I'm really excited about this - Hadar Jacobson's second Metal Clay book - "Silver and Bronze Clay - Movement and Mechanisms" is available for sale!

I have ordered mine and cannot wait to get it. If her first book "The Handbook of Metal Clay: Textures and Forms" is anything to go by then this book will be excellent. Hadar has immersed herself in experimenting with BronzClay for months and now we can all benefit from her experiments and findings. Find out more about Hadar and her work here.


Rebecca Crabtree said...

Snap! I ordered mine as soon as I got her email - SO excited! I may just need someone with a kiln though if I don't get my controller soon - any ideas !!!

ali bali jewellery said...

oooh, this looks good Emma, will your mum be stocking some in the shop? I'll come in for a flick through!

The Little Bead Shop Studio Blog said...

:) Rebecca I think you know just the person for firing your BronzCLay lol. Alison, I'd have to contact Hadar directly to see if we would be able to carry it. In fact I think I'll do that right now!

Emma x

sculptr said...

This is a FANTASTIC book. I can't put it down. Hadar's book is both inspirational and beautiful.