Saturday, 22 November 2008

Metal Clay Masters Registry

Its been a hectic few days but at the back of my mind all the time has been the Metal Clay Masters Registry I am working towards. I have a sketch book full of designs, and I think I am about ready to mock up my first pieces. If you havent heard of the Registry yet then rest assured you will - its the highest qualification in Metal Clay in the world. With 51 projects to complete in groups of 10, its a real challenge. Anyone can register, and its not tied to any one metal clay brand. It really is all about the art!


Sabine said...

Eek, sounds scary!! Good luck with it. Me, I'd settle for that first step qualification thingy ;o)

The Little Bead Shop Studio Blog said...

I bet it will be quite scary, but its such a challenge! It takes over your mind though :) I'm thinking about it alot lol !