Sunday, 26 October 2008

A Quiet Week

I've been quiet this week - a sprained ankle, friends funeral and sickness bug have seen to that, but I thought I'd share some things with you. When I first started lampworking I was drawn to these type of beads, they are similar in looks to Boro but are made from soft glass. I'm revisiting the basics and essentials of bead making - the other week it was dots (which I'm still obsessed with) and now its encasing! Now I just need to get rid of those pesky bubbles!!
I said I while back I was going to ban myself from using my lentil press. I failed, I love this shape! I just keep going back to it no matter how hard I try not to!

Taking advantage of my idle kiln I fired my Bornzclay. This is how it looks right out of the kiln, without so much as a going over with a brass brush! I like how it looks, kind of ceramic I think! I have plans for these bits, I only hope it works!

And Finally I thought I'd show you my new ring. This makes me chuckle as I was so envious of the lovely bits of jewellery that were made at the Capturing Nature Class last week that I had to make a ring for myself! Its in need of a bit of a Liver of Sulphr Bath but it will have to wait as I dont think I can take the smell of it just yet!


Becky said...

love the bronze clay bits Emma, they look lovely not surprised you have ideas for them :))

Gemheaven said...

Oh I love your lentils Emma and the bronze clay looks fantastic!!!

Ali P said...

I'm definitely a fan of the lentil shape too, so I don't see a problem if you keep 'em coming! The faux boro effect is very cool too, looking forward to seeing more of these

ChatElaine said...

I love the ring, and the bronzeclay looks very interesting cant wait to see what you do with them!