Saturday, 20 June 2009

Robert Dancik comes to Edinburgh!

If you are one of our regulars then chances are you have already booked your place on Robert Dancik's Faux Bone weekend on the 15th & 16th August. I'm so excited about this I cant begin to tell you (though again those who know me know full well how excited I am)!!

If you havent heard of Robert Dancik or Faux Bone then rest assured you will. Check out this interview with Robert on the Art Jewelry Magazine web site here - you'll have to create an account but its free.

The weekend course is dedicated to exploring Roberts Faux Bone. Its a new, easy to use and very versatile material. Oh - and its CHEAP! You can cut it, carve in it, saw it, sand it, file it, hammer it, drill it, stamp in it, inlay with it, dye it, put resin in it, paint it...............get the idea? You can do pretty much anything with it!

You can also heat it with an embossing gun and bend it - just look at this beautiful Tribal Cuff by Angela Baduel-Crispin. I absolutely adore this piece and love how its accented with silver. You can see more of Angela's work here.

You can also choose your finishing, sure it can look like bone, but you can also make it look like aged ceramic, or like ivory. Or you can simply polish it to a pure white. And for metal clay users it may interest you to know that you can Faux Bone can easily be embossed to make texture plates!

But really, the most exciting thing for me is the opportunity to spend two days being taught by Robert. I'd take a class with him in ANYTHING! He is literally oozing with positivity. Just read this (taken from Art Jewellery Magazine September 08) -

"By redefining what I used to consider a mistake, I find that I rarely have any. An errant hammer blow, a scratch, or a misaligned edge are now considered another piece of visual information. The trick for me is to embrace the new information, enhance the new direction, and make sure all the marks, forms, and surfaces look intended"

Roberts happy to chat to anyone that may have questions about the course. The last time I came off the phone after talking to him I felt totally inspired! He kind of has that effect. Ask anyone! You have been warned!

Roberts Web site
Booking Information


lesley messam said...

OMG Emma
This workshop looks awsome can't wait...whoopeeeeeeeeeee:)

Vickie Hallmark said...

I took a two day workshop with Robert last year and considered it one of the best (if not THE best) I've ever had. The man is a gem -- a gifted teacher, an inspired artist, and a generous mentor. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

can't wait to meet the man himself ;)

Anonymous said...

Emma —
Thanks so much for the links to our site. We're all big fans of Robert here at Art Jewelry — enjoy your time in his class! And in my favorite city in the world, too...

Hazel Wheaton

Helen* said...

I can't wait!!
This is going to be a step into something new for me, and robert sounds lovely! :) xxx